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From the moment you see that little blue line you are pregnant and delighted (maybe a little frightened, but it’s all relative) Your search begins before you’ve even left the building. So much to learn, so much to do, so exciting! 

But where do you start? Especially if this is your first pregnancy? You need to find a doctor or midwife, book your first ultrasound, get blood tests, make sure you’re eating the right stuff, doing the right exercise, take a class, start prenatal yoga…. and which do  you do first?

You don’t want to spend precious time worrying and anxious. Pregnancy is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.

That’s why I created The Due Date Club. I knew there had to be a better way to offer real deep dive antenatal preparation that went beyond a weekend workshop or an online on demand course that you only take in your second trimester. 

I wanted to create a community buzzing with excited pregnant women.  A place where you can  be totally immersed in the experience. A place where you can share each significant moment no matter how big or small. An opportunity to connect with other pregnant women, make friends and learn from those who’ve been there before.

The only requirement to join The Due Date Club is a Positive Pregnancy Test and a desire to connect.


Immerse and Indulge yourself. Love your pregnancy!


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